Copper Lantern Fire Theater is dedicated to providing our audiences with the safest performance experience possible.

    Safety crew

Our professional performers will arrive at your event with at least one “safety” to ensure the security of your audience, property and performers.

Our highly trained safetys have experience in the proper handling, containment and storage of all of our equipment and fuels, and are all experienced in extinguishing several types of open flame using proper safety equipment. Safetys arrive equipped with wet towels or duvetyne (safety cloth) and a fire extinguisher.

      Our safety and performance equipment is made of the highest quality materials available and we perform inspections before and after every use. Additionally, our costumes are mostly constructed of non-flammable, natural fiber, and are often additionally flame-retarded.


      For standard fire performance equipment, we use either white gas (Coleman) or liquid paraffin (lamp oil). For our effects, we use propane stored in DOT-rated containers.
      All of our fuel is stored in compliance with the codes of local fire departments, other regulating agencies and venues.


      Our performers are insured through Specialty Insurance Agency/Clowns of the US for up to $2MM worth of damages.

      At no additional cost to you, our carrier can provide you with a certificate listing your chosen venue as additionally insured through our policy.