Bridget was a little girl who loved to dance, spinning on her toes and leaping from place to place. Through the years, Bridget trained in martial arts, modern dance, belly dance and ballet. At the age of 18, she discovered fire dance and released her passion for performance. She studied fire dance at Temple of Poi and within months was performing professionally.

In addition to performing with Copper Lantern, Bridget also performs with Dreamtime Circus and Pyrotation. In 2007, Bridget toured throughout India with Dreamtime Circus, partnering with the Indian NGO Sweecha, to produce free, uplifting and educational performances for impoverished children. For the past four years, she has performed at the Crucible’s annual Fire Arts Festival with various fire performance troupes, and has appeared at nightclubs throughout the Bay Area including, Supperclub, DNA lounge and the Cat Club.