Shaina Dyani Johnson founded the Copper Lantern Fire Theater in 2004. As the troupe’s Artistic Director, her vision is to further the creation of large-scale theatrical productions that intimately link fire performance with dance, acrobatics, and other artistic media, such as fire sculpture, flame effects, puppetry and art vehicles.

A lifelong performer, Shaina has studied Ballet, Modern, Khatak, Odissi, Yoga and Circus Arts. Despite an early, rather strong aversion to sequins and spandex, she also trained as a competitive ice skater, gaining multiple national titles. In 2001, Shaina decided to adapt her dance training to fire performance. Since then, she has performed at private, corporate and festival venues across the country and overseas.

Some of her credits include appearances at the Harbor Nights Festival in Hamilton, Bermuda with Fire Pixie and in the Crucible’s productions of Romeo & Juliet: A Fire Ballet and HEAT: A Fire Cabaret in Oakland, CA. An avid tanguera, she traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina for intensive study of Argentine Tango and culture. When not performing, she is an instructor of Vinyasa Flow Yoga throughout the Bay Area. Her schedule of classes and workshops can be found at

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